Last day to nominate for the 2013 Simming Prize

Since 1999, the Simming Prizeward has been presented to sims on the internet for their quality and fun factor. It is that time of year and the 2013 Simming Award has been opened.

Up to five Prizes are awarded annually to people, sims, clubs, or organizations who (1) exemplify service, quality, and dedication within the simming community, or who (2) pioneer new technology or techniques within the community. It can be awarded for a specific accomplishment or for sustained superior performance over a period of time. Winners may use the honorific Simming Prize Laureate. Oh yeah, its official name is the The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis. We just call it the Simming Prize because it’s easier to say.

Today is the last day to submit a nomination, so head over to the nomination form now.