Meet the Wiki Ops Facilitators

Meet the Wiki Ops Facilitators

Aine Sherlock

Hi folks! Today we’re going to chat to Rich, player of Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman, and Deliera, player of Lt. Commander Tristram Core, the facilitators of our Wiki Operations Team. I’d like to thank them both for taking the time to answer a few questions and tell us about this team and what it does.
Emma: So, in brief, could you tell us what the Wiki Ops is all about?
Rich: Basically, it’s a task force focused on improving the wiki. Fleet Admiral Wolf approached me about taking on certain projects for the wiki, and I’d been having this idea to coordinate the efforts of the great wiki contributors we have across the fleet. Together, it seemed the perfect fit.
Deliera: We’re mainly focused towards things like member resources – we’ve recently moved pages such as the Constitution from the main website to the wiki. There are minor ongoing projects such as the Face List – keeping that up to date as much as possible is one of the many things we’re powering towards.
Emma: Is there anything specific you’re hoping to achieve?
Rich: Just again, taking the energy and enthusiasm many members have shown on the wiki and directing it towards areas the fleet needs it most. There’s always something that could be improved or expanded upon on the wiki but given our limited free time, it’s important we direct those efforts where it can make the most impact.
Deliera: Members are always free to get involved in whatever wiki project they’re happy to take on – I like to think that more people that contribute to an OOC page in the best way possible, the better.
Emma: For those who aren’t members of the Wiki Ops task force, this team is a great place to seek advice on how to edit and update the wiki. What’s the easiest way for them to do that?
Deliera: Leave us message on our talk pages or send us a private message on the forums. Any one of our team members is happy to help, and we have at least one team member at just about every posting in the fleet.
Rich: We also monitor the wiki forum, so feel free to leave your questions there as well!
Emma: What kind of wiki skills do you need to be to join the team?
Rich: Well, you should probably be at least somewhat comfortable with editing the wiki, for instance, your own character’s pages. However, I want to stress that you don’t need to be some wiki guru who already knows all about parser functions, CSS, and whatnot (you don’t even need to know what even of that means!). Part of the goal of Wiki Ops is also teaching new advanced skills to our editors across the fleet. That includes learning how to use the various templates we’ve added over the past year such as the roster and sidebar templates and how to build your own!
Emma: For prospective members, what’s the best way to sign up?
Deliera: It’s pretty simple. Just leave a message on one of the facilitators talk pages. (Rich, Deliera)
Rich: Ideally, we’d like to have at least one member from each ship in the fleet. There are still a couple out there who need a representative, so if you’re keen, let us know! We’d love to have you!

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