May plot summary for the USS Apollo

May plot summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was rescued and delivered to Deep Space 5. Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx received orders sending him to Earth for a debriefing. Orders for Lieutenant Commander Sundassa Faranster were to take the remaining crew to the USS Aegis, NCC-74323 on a survey mission with Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn as her First Officer.
Because of the haste in leaving, some of the officers had a problem with this, so Lieutenant Alexander Williams, and Lieutenant JG Eileen McCleran requested opportunities to speak with the Captain in private, questioning decisions. After handling those conversations, Faranster returned to the bridge to find that the Aegis received a distress call from an unknown ship, the transmission was vague, but left the crew very curious.
The Aegis turned course to head for the distressed ship, all the team was at work trying to find out as much information about this unknown ship, and what happened to it. Before they reached the ship, something slowed down their computer systems, and it was discovered that this was the Artificial Intelligence of the alien vessel, by the name of Rapture, trying to assess the people coming to their rescue.

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