It’s A Conspiracy

It’s A Conspiracy

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine brought up 911 and began to get into detail about some of the conspiracy theories that have arisen from that deadly day. Without getting into it, I am aware of many of these conspiracy theories that date back as early as Pearl Harbor, if not earlier, right up to the most recent missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Most of the conspiracy theories surround world changing events with ideas floating that they were somehow staged to allow those in powerful positions to get what they wanted out of it.
World changing event are also portrayed in the Star Trek universe as well. With this in mind, I want you to put yourself into the position as just a regular person, going about your business on Earth, not involved in Starfleet or the upper echelons of power. Basically just a regular Joe or Jane doing your thing and then coming home and turning on the news to see what is happening in the Galaxy as Starships roam. Would you think there was some kind of conspiracy regarding the Genesis devise? The event at sector J25, in the Next Generation episode Q Who, having been probably sealed as classified until the events at sector 001 a year later? What about the probably classified event regarding the Gaurdian of Forever event from TOS? Or for that matter the buzz surrounding the sealing of the Talos system and general order 4 regarding this star system? How about Voyager being lost in the Delta quadrant for 7 years only to return through a Borg hub that was conveniently destroyed along with the evidence, now incorporating highly advanced weaponry and defences? How about the Bajoran wormhole? Never discovered in all the millennia it was there as the Bajorans, a highly advanced civilization until their occupation, never discovered even though it regularly spit out orbs. It took the work of a solo Starfleet Lieutenant, Jadzia Dax, to discover it even though Bajor was covered with scientists and engineers and were in space long before humans took to their own skies?  They never discovered it? Or did they and kept it hidden to keep their population in religious servitude?
As a regular Joe or Jane on Earth there would more than likely be a lot of questions regarding these and other events in the Star Trek universe, and I am certain there would be a large population not taking the “official story” at face value.
So this week’s Poll of the Week encompasses the events above and asks you, which event, in the Star Trek universe, do you think would lead to the greatest conspiracy theories from those who were not involved? Head on down to the polls and let us know, and if you can, try to come up with a plausible conspiracy theory of your own regarding one of the highlighted events or another of your choosing.

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