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Halloween Avatar Costume Contest IV

On Halloween, all the children in the U.S., at least those with the cool parents, go out to the surrounding homes to extort as much candy as they can from their neighbors in a sick and twisted protection racket that would get adults tossed in jail, foreshadowing the sick and twisted way that their cute tummies will feel in the morning (namely sick and twisted, not to mention distended and bloated!).

And each year on our forums, we do our best to save our members from these sorts of holiday hoodlums while still allowing them to enjoy the Halloween fun! For a fourth year in a row, the forums administration group is once again sponsoring our yearly Avatar Costume Contest.

Entrants will be judged on a group basis by ship, based on the ship’s theme originality and avatar quality, as well as the level of the crew’s participation. Winners will get a banner for their ship site as well as bragging rights for the next year! Judge’s Choice awards will be given, as well as, new for this year, a special individual best of show award.

To join in the fun, and for more information about how to set up your ship’s entry into the contest, head to the forums!

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