Forums Roundup: June 2014

Forums Roundup: June 2014

The summer is finally here! But that doesn’t mean the fun has slowed down here at Starbase 118. In fact, there’s even more going on now that school’s out and some of our members have more time to come play. Be sure to stop by the forums to see what you can get into this month. Here are just a few suggestions!
The USS Victory is launched again under the command of Commander Nugra. Head over to their forum thread and welcome the newest ship to the 118 Fleet!
There are tons of projects and teams that could use your help, even if you only have a few minutes to spare. Head over to our team and group forum to find out more about what we’re doing in various places, on various tasks:
Be sure to jump in and participate in this round of the writing challenge, where we’re asking you to write about doing what is right, rather than what is easy. Thankfully it’s easy to get involved and enter your writing into the contest. Learn more here:
Go vote in this runoff round of the top sims contest. There are lots of examples of the best writing throughout our fleet, so take a moment to read the entries and vote on your favorite!
Don’t forget that we run a new poll of the week each week, and you can always read up on some of the older ones. Head over to the PotW thread to see what we’re asking this week:
And of course, there’s much, much more! Take a moment to join the fun, all on the Starbase 118 forums today!

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