Even More Character Questions!

Even More Character Questions!

Last year, we bombarded you with 25 questions to really get you thinking about your character. This year, the list is a little shorter but more in depth – just how much thought has gone into your character and where can you flesh them out more? It’s always great to see well-rounded characters aboard ship and, quite often, when there are a group of them all in one place they have a tendency to develop themselves! Have a read through the questions below and answer them as honestly as possible. If necessary, ask your character to help you! Once your PC has gone through the gauntlet, throw your PCs at it too and see what happens!
1. How would your character sum themselves up in 3 words or less?
2. How would you sum up your character in three words or less?
3. What are your character’s immediate goals? Why do they have those goals?
4. What are your character’s long term goals and why?
5. Why did your character join Starfleet? What do they hope to get out of it? Are they career driven? Do they want to see new sights? Is there something else that motivates them?
6. What characteristics do they appreciate in other characters? Who are they likely to make friends with?
7. If they are confrontational… why are they confrontational? In what circumstances could you see that changing? If they aren’t confrontational, what would push their buttons to make them reach that stage?
8. What is your character’s biggest weakness? Are they aware of it? Does that weakness hinder your crew in any way, or is it more personal?
9. How do you think the other writers on your ship see your character? Have you asked them for their opinions?
10. Do you have any plans for character development that include other characters aboard your ship? What are they? Have you spoken to the appropriate writers about them?
11. What changes do you have planned for your character? How do you plan to see them grow over the next mission/6 months/year?
12. If your character was an acquaintance or friend of yours in real life, what would you think of them and why?

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