December Plot Summary for Starbase 118 Operations

The battle to contain the four Elementals continues to rage throughout Starbase 118. Thanks to the daring flying of Lt Washburn the crew is able to lure Chan the Air Elemental into the main docking bay. The trap is ready to be sprung with Brine the Water Elemental is lying in wait at the bottom of the lake that now occupies the center of the bay.
The majority of the senior officers seek shelter on the shore of the lake amidst the wreckage of equipment and various sunken starships while they witness the battle between Air and Water. The Water Elemental Brine is victorious and as the crew rescues the child used as an Avatar for Chan.

As the child is rushed to medical Lt Richards activates a series of force fields which greatly reduces the remaining Elemental’s power and corrals both the Earth and Fire Elementals down into the docking bay.

A fierce three battle ensues with the Earth Elemental Shale finally emerging as victor. Cmdr Danzia arrives in a runabout and deposits a clam like creature onto the deck. When this is opened it reveals an androgynous child who appears to be a blend of all the four Elemental’s Avatars.

After a brief conversation with the victorious Elemental where it appears that he will depart until the next round of combat the crew are left with the task of healing the wounded, clearing up the significant mess and looking after the child from the clam.

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