“Fashion” Writing Challenge Nears End

“Fashion” Writing Challenge Nears End

Is there no truth in beauty? The current Writing Challenge asks just that, and even references the TOS episode itself:

I’m rewatching TOS, and got to “Is There No Truth In Beauty?”, where (spoilers) Dr. Miranda Jones’ elaborate dress turns out to be a sensor web that allows her to “see.” It got me thinking about how fashion is used in sci-fi, whether as a plot device, or to set the scene, define a culture, or place us in a certain time. 

That’s from Brian, aka Ren Rennyn, winner of the previous Challenge, as he explains his choice of “Fashion” as the theme for our current Challenge. Many of our Challenges have posed an open-ended, often moralistic question as their inspiration, but this is even more open-ended than those, since fashion can be taken in so many different ways. Or, as my New Oxford American Dictionary says,

fashion |ˈfa sh ən|
1 a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior : his hair is cut in the latest fashion.
• the production and marketing of new styles of goods, esp. clothing and cosmetics : [as adj. ] a fashion magazine.
2 a manner of doing something : the work is done in a rather casual fashion.
verb [ trans. ] (often be fashioned)
make into a particular or the required form : the bottles were fashioned from green glass.
• ( fashion something into) use materials to make into : the skins were fashioned into boots and shoes.

There are so many ways you can interpret this particular Challenge, but please be sure to interpret it soon: Entries will only be accepted up through Monday, August 25th!

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