April plot summary for Duronis II Embassy

April plot summary for Duronis II Embassy

At the beginning of the month the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A was still evacuating the archaeological digs in the Quentisi Mountain Range. After being engaged by several metal creatures, several member of the crew sustained injuries, to include the first officer, Lieutenant Commander Nugra. Once the team consolidated and addressed the injuries, they returned to the shuttle in order to return to Duronis II and begin shore leave.
During shore leave the former Captain Tyr Waltas, who laterally transferred to Colonel in the Star Fleet Marines, was assigned to the Embassy of Duronis and assumed command of the Marine detachment at the Embassy. When he arrived, his presence was not well received by the current Marine commander. A fight ensued which resulted in both officers being disciplined at the direction of Fleet Captain Toni Turner. The discipline was intense but both officers established a cohesive relationship as a result.
The crew ended the month and shore leave at the Mishai Resort. On the final day Captain Tuner hosted a breakfast where Lieutenant S’Lone Tr’Khellian made an special breakfast for each member of the crew. During the breakfast three members of the crew were promoted, a three position changes were announced, and three members of the crew received awards for their actions during the mission on Quentisi Mountain Range.

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