Third Annual Halloween Avatar Contest winners

Third Annual Halloween Avatar Contest winners

The results are in and the judges have spoken in the Third Annual Halloween Avatar Contest on the StarBase118 forums! More than half of our ships participated in the contest and averaged higher percent participation of their crews across the board over last year.
Many thanks to FltCapt. Mar, who facilitated this year’s competition, and Chas Hammer of the Simming Encyclopedia alongside Alex Solvay of Blue Dwarf who both judged this year’s competition.
There are two main components of the scoring: theme originality and image quality. Crew participation then factors in proportionally on the score.
For theme originality, the USS Mercury came in first with the monstrous “Mercury Street,” followed by the Knights of the USS Excalibur.
For image quality, the USS Excalibur took top billing, followed by the USS Apollo’s Nintendo characters.
Excalibur flag, smallAnd now for our final scores. In second place, the USS Mercury with a score of 47.84/60! And our winner … simulated drum-roll, please …
The crew of the USS Excalibur, with a score of 55/60!
Many thanks to all that participated! The winning and second place crews will receive a forum badge in the coming days.

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