These Are The Voyages Of Voyager 1

These Are The Voyages Of Voyager 1

Space, the final frontier.
These are the words that have opened up most of the episodes of the various Star Trek incarnations as well as the movies. These words have meaning not only within the Star Trek Universe itself, but also within our own reality.
Say ‘hello’ to Voyager 1. Actually, you might want to say ‘goodbye’ instead. Why do you ask? Because according to NASA, the satellite Voyager 1 – a spacecraft that was sent out into the wild unknown on September 5, 1977 – has passed the heliosphere.
What is the heliosphere you ask? The heliosphere is considered the edge of our solar system, where solar winds still have influence. It marks the boundary of where our solar system begins – or ends in this case. In other words, Voyager is no longer within our home solar system, and has become the first manmade object to go beyond the bounds of our tiny corner of space.
So what does this mean for man-kind? Only time will tell.
Read more about the Voyager 1 and it’s historic journey.

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