The Ongoing Voyages…Hand in Hand

The Ongoing Voyages…Hand in Hand

Space may be the final frontier, but Major Leo Handley-Page and Lieutenant Commander Velana will not be exploring it alone.  After meeting through Starbase 118 via their characters, the two soon became friends – and that friendship turned into romance!  On August 24 of 2013, the happy couple finally, and tightly, tied the not. Please congratulate them here if you have not already gotten a chance!
These two aren’t the first couple to meet through Starbase 118 and later marry. At least two other couples, including Fleet Captains Jaxx and Nicholotti, have met through Starbase 118 and gone on to get married as well, only adding to the rich history of almost two decades that this Fleet has. There is definitely something special to be found for those who choose such a path, in the writing and interaction that this community offers. Whether you choose to take things into the real world, or if you simply count your Fleetmates as friends, Starbase 118 really is ‘out of this world’.
And so, we now add these two to a growing list, and we wish them well as they continue their voyages – together!

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