Should I Stay or Should I Go

Where I live, there are those who are looking forward to a local comic and science fiction convention that is coming up. As such, I have been considering attending. Even though one passes by every year, I have not attended a convention of this sort since the mid 2000’s when my then boyfriend dragged me to one. To say the least, I was intrigued. The sheer numbers of people who were present and who had shared hobbies and interests was a sight to behold. People were dressed as characters from various science fiction incarnations as well as comic book heroes. There were kiosks that sold everything from action figures to videos.

At first it seemed like a lot as I was only involved in our writing community to that point. I was unaware there was such a large fan base for these genres of pop culture in my community until that day. However, I have not attended another since that day, although I have thought about it, for either school, work, or a lack of funds kept me away. This year, however, I have seriously put thought into attending.

So this week’s Poll of the Week focuses on these types of conventions. Have you ever attended a Star Trek, science fiction or comic convention? If not, why not? If so, what stood out the most for you? Did you meet anyone famous? Did you buy any products? Have you had any experiences at a convention you would like to share? If so, head to the forums. We’d love to hear from you.