Publicity Team: Flying High

Publicity Team: Flying High

This month, the Publicity Team is flying high or, more specifically, flyering high! Do you have a local book, comic or tabletop gaming store near you? Well then you can help!
This is a blanket call to all members of the fleet to join in with the publicity team’s special project for the month. We need YOU to head to this link and follow the instructions to receive a FREE Starbase 118 flyer. All you need to do then is ask for permission to show it off in pride of place in one of the types of store mentioned above. All you have to do is ask the store owners politely for permission – they’ll tell you where such things can be placed! Zap us a picture to show us that your town is now doing your publicity work for you – every flyer we put up effectively counts as a rep from Starbase 118 standing in the store in which it has been deployed, spreading the word about the awesome experience that is lying in wait for our prospective members!
If you’re interested in helping us out in any other way, head here to find out how!

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