Poll of the Week: The Great Outdoors

Camp siteWelcome back to another week of polling fun where we are going to take a look at a subject a little closer to home. With all the Trek and space related topics we have been having fun with it seems we have been neglecting our own backyard as it were. And by our “backyard” I of course mean all the parks and recreational areas of our humble planet.

Personally one of my favorite things to do in those parks, is to go camping. Whether you go the traditional low-tech path with a flimsy tent, esky and gas barbeque or the high-tech gadget filled and powered camper van, camping is certainly a family friendly holiday that provides endless fun. Just pitching the tent can be hilariously fun in some cases.

So with that in mind, this week’s poll is all about camping and asks the question of whether you have been camping before? Feel free to share your stories of camping disasters or treasured moments as well. As always only share that which you feel comfortable with.

In any case remember to visit the forums to add a comment after you vote because that is where the magic really begins.