Poll of the Week: The dream machine

Poll of the Week: The dream machine

holodeckAs amazing as our starships are, there is only so much that can be done on them in terms of activities on long voyages. After all, space is at a premium, even on the largest of starships. So, if there is one space-saver aboard a starship that is both a source of entertainment and possibly work, it is the marvelous holodeck. Able to recreate entire landscapes for a person to wander through or a romantic encounter in a small house, the holodeck really is a dream machine. Whatever the fantasy or work-related necessity, you can be sure that someone has thought of the scenario and created a “holo-program” to match. Indeed, throughout Trek history, at least from TNG onward, we have seen countless different holo-programs, and as we move forward, it stands to reason that the technology will only become better and better, even if I can’t think of how that would be.
Whether it be a martial arts simulation to rock climbing or perhaps mystery-romance stories, the holodeck fills a need on a starship, even if that need is just providing an extra way to help crew maintain their sanity. After all, even if people leave the holodeck or even reset the program, they keep with them the memories and experiences to help them improve in whatever it is they were doing.
So, with all that in mind, this week’s poll asks this: What is your character’s favorite type of holo-program? Because the sheer number of possibilities are nearly infinite, just choose the general type that most appeals to you. Is your character more inclined to enjoy an action-packed adventure or a more sedate rainforest to walk through for awhile?
So, no matter what your pick is, you can be guaranteed to be able to have endless amounts of fun exploring these holo-programs, whether it is part of an ongoing mission or even shore leave. So let us know what your choice is on the forums. You can even share some of the more memorable occasions with us in a comment or two. Remember that it is your comments that makes these polls fun; so keep them coming.
Have fun everyone!

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