Poll of the Week: Finding the Unexplored

Poll of the Week: Finding the Unexplored

Galaxy mapWelcome to the first poll of 2013 or 2390 in our time line. 2390: oh how time flies, and more importantly, the question is how far we have come as a Federation? How far has Star Fleet has come as an organization? How far we still have to go if the many glimpses at the future are any indication? Obviously as time goes by our knowledge increases, what was originally unexplored become too frequently traveled. Just as on our own planet, in 2013 there are extremely few places left unexplored to us.
Star Fleet as we all know is dedicated to helping people, to defending freedoms and most critically to exploration. So the question becomes, where in the galaxy would you go to find an unexplored region of space to enjoy, as explorers? Would you search the boundary of the Alpha or Beta quadrants looking into the great beyond? Or perhaps you would head straight for the Delta or Gamma quadrants that still remain vastly untouched by Star Fleet?
If our fleet has proven anything over the years it’s that there is an adventure to be found no matter you travel. Adventures and wonders can be found even if your not looking for them. So the question becomes if you had to pick a direction which way would you start traveling? So visit the forums to tell us what you think because that is how the fun really starts.

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