Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part II

Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part II

hobus supernovaThis is the second installment of “Our History, Our Times”, a news series that examines Federation history and SB118’s place within that history. This historical news series will continue with the most recent history and make its way back to explore major events and notable SB118 fleet actions. This second installment deals with year following the devastation of the Hobus Supernova and its impact on Romulan, Klingon, and Federation powers.
The Year of Internal Struggles: 2388
Throughout 2388, the Federation, the Klingons, and the Romulans each found themselves forced to deal with internal struggles of varying degrees. The Federation was focused on smoothing relations between Vulcan and other Federation worlds after it was discovered that the Vulcans may have had prior knowledge regarding the Hobus Supernova and did nothing. The Vulcan Science Academy was also criticized for creating and manipulating red matter without consulting or informing Federation authorities.
A schism split the Klingon High Council into two camps. Councilor J’mpok led one camp of hardliners who insisted that both the Romulans and the Federation should be made to pay for the destruction of a fleet led into Romulan space by Ambassador Worf. They argue that Worf, a Federation official, led hundreds of Klingon warriors to their deaths and that the whole affair may have been a trick. Chancellor Martok led others who rejected J’mpok’s arguments, and ultimately the Chancellor refused calls to retaliate against the Federation. However, Klingon response to the Romulans was more severe.
“The Klingons will offer no treaty, no aid, and no hand that is not holding a blade.” – Chancellor Martok
The devastation of the Hobus Supernova on the Romulan Star Empire will likely be felt for generations. Infighting among the leaders of Romulan colony worlds continued to divide the empire. Basic needs were being met; however, without a stable government, the chain of command and the remnants of the Romulan military remained in chaos. Federation attempts to help the Romulans establish a new government failed due to numerous disagreements between Romulan colony worlds.
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We have no ‘relations’ with the Klingons. They see us as prey, now that tragedy has made us vulnerable.” – Senator Vreeya, Romulan Star Empire

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