Once a Year

For me, this week is a special week. My birthday is coming up, and yes, I plan to celebrate.  Each year all of us share this one special day annually, and so do the characters we have created.

Many moons ago, when I first created my character, I had to choose a birth-date. Not being too inventive at the time, I wound up choosing the same birth-date as I, except for of course, the year.

So this week’s poll of the week will be a simple yes/no poll. Does your character share the same birthday as you, the writer? If you have chosen a birthday for your character other than your own, is it representative of someone you know, or knew, or was it just random? Or was there another particular reason you you decided upon the date chosen as the birthday for your character?

So head on down to the forums, because as always, inquiring minds want to know.