March for the USS Mercury

Mercury ThumbnailAs March began, most of the senior staff remained off-ship on an unexpected and unofficial mission to rescue Eyas Wulfantine’s mother from a trumped-up death sentence on his homeworld. The rescue parties split into three groups and sowed chaos across the planet — sometimes overt and sometimes covert — as the group under the charge of Eyas made its way closer and closer to his mother. Meanwhile, the skeleton crew aboard the Mercury, under the command of Lieutenant (JG) Richard, the chief science officer, answered a distress call from a vessel that turned out to be an old Constitution-class starship, the Saratoga, that had been lost and adrift in the gravity well of a gas giant in the Menthar corridor for one hundred years. Finally, Deep Space 10 (DSX) officially came online under the command of Commander Melitta Herodion.

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