Just Under Two Weeks Until Writing Challenge Ends

Just Under Two Weeks Until Writing Challenge Ends

The price of ignorance is extinction. When a person grasps that truth –not comprehends it but truly appreciates its intricacies and its final implications – when a person realizes that, there’s nothing else to do. Knowledge must be sought wholeheartedly and without reservation, shedding the blanket of ignorance that, though warm and comfortable, offers no true shelter.
…but hopefully this particular bit of artistic truth, brought to you by “The Genetic Engineer’s Manifesto,” the winning story of July & August’s Writing Challenge, will inspire you to write and create in full knowledge of what you’re doing! You’ll have until next Friday — October 27th — to submit something for the current Challenge, so be sure to visit the forums and get creative! For a little more inspiration, take a look at this passage from July & August’s runner-up, “Resignation“:
Captain, I know you’ve never thought highly of me or my research into the people of Bernard IV. From your perspective, it will appear that I’ve simply lost perspective and allowed these people to get under my skin. At best, I’ll be seen as a misguided academic. That doesn’t matter. I need to document the decisions that led me to this point, at least as much as I can in this letter. I don’t expect you or anyone else to agree with my decision, but my story should be written somewhere. It’s unlikely I’ll have another chance.
The judges eagerly await the masterful stories you’re about to spin!

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