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June for the USS Mercury

The Mercury’s mission to excavate and explore the ancient library at Beta Scuti proceeded smoothly right up until the away team discovered that they weren’t the only party interested in the information the library had to offer: an independent group of mercenaries had also taken an interest. Meanwhile, back on the Mercury, the crew discovered the independents’ ship when both ships suffered catastrophic power losses and the other required the Mercury’s assistance to maintain her orbit.

However, the Mercury crew’s efforts to save the other ship were in vain and, with the crew evacuated, the planet’s manufactured interference cut through, and the away team returned, the Mercury returned to Deep Space 10 with a lot of history of the region to sort through. The crew took some leave time upon their return to DSX, though upon that return, Mercury and DSX COs Aron Kells and Melitta Herodion discovered that they would soon be joined by Federation Ambassador Lily Ventu, who had recently left Starbase 118 to begin her campaign for a seat on the Federation Council — though why she chose to stop over at the small and removed DSX is, as yet, unknown.

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