How You Can Help the Fleet!

How You Can Help the Fleet!

Greetings to everyone from the Publicity Team!
We’re pleased to announce that we’ve gained some new members – a huge thanks to Lieutenant (j.g.) Richard Matthews, Ensign James, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker and Lieutenant Commander Eerie for joining our ranks! With their help we’ll be continuing in our ongoing mission to spread the word about UFOP: Starbase 118 and keep bringing in the new recruits!
Now that we’re firing on all cylinders again after our short spell of website downtime, we’re motoring ahead to pick up on the applications that we missed out on during that time! YOU can help in two ways this month, and here’s how!
The first is easy. Do you know anyone who’d enjoy SIMming with us? If you do, ask them! It really is that simple! Talk to them a bit about the group and see if they’d like to join!
The second is to give us some links to your favourite Star Trek blogs! We’re always looking for cool Trek related things to link on facebook and twitter, so if you’re currently following anything that could help us then please contact Captain Diego Herrera ( with a URL. And if you don’t, but have a spare 10 minutes to do some searching then that would also be much appreciated!
As usual, don’t forget to like/follow us on facebook and twitter! Just look for UFOP: Starbase 118!

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