Forums Roundup: June 2013

Forums Roundup: June 2013

I never realized just how much I missed the forums until the website was attacked and, as a result, went down for more than just a little while. Now that it’s back, I find myself slipping back into old routines and checking it often. What about you? Did you miss the forums while they were away? Are you back to checking them the way you used to?
Whether you check them daily, or a little less frequently, there’s always something going on around the Starbase 118 forums. Here’s a taste of some things going now that we’re back!
Read a good sim lately? Why not share it with the fleet? Enter the best sims from your ship into the Top Sims contest and show the the fleet the talent that you get to see every day:
Connect with others in your chosen duty post and learn how others sim their post and what they are working on currently. Join us in the Duty Post forums and put your perspective into the mix:
Consider joining one of our guilds and network with other officers across the fleet who all provide perspective and development for unique races and characters. Step outside the limits of social norms and join the conversation today:
Meet others from around the fleet and play games or talk about anything that comes to mind. Get acquainted with officers, who are located all over the world, and have some fun in our general discussion threads:
See something out of the ordinary on the site or forums or wiki? Report any errors or problems, now that the site is back up and functional, to our web admin, Admiral Wolf, here:
And there’s always something else happening at any given time! Be sure to come in and join any one of the many conversations today and become part of what makes us an amazing community!

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