Forums Roundup: January 2013

Forums Roundup: January 2013

Sb118-stylized-10Last year seemed to have gone far faster than it had any right to, but what’s in the past, is in the past! Now, as we embark on a new year, 2013, we have plenty to look forward to. It’s a new year, which means new sims, new contests, and new fun! Here’s just a sampling of it all, found on the Starbase 118 forums. Be sure to stop by and say hello, and join in the fun no matter what your New Years resolutions or goals might be. A little bit of fun can only help make the coming year better!
Now is as good a time as any to reconnect with your ship and fellow crew mates. Every ship has their own forum board, so don’t hesitate to say hello or take part in one of your ship’s, or another ship’s conversations or games!
A new year means more new members. Be sure that you stop by the welcome thread and welcome our newest officers to the Fleet:
The contest is over for 2012, and the Top Sim has been named, but how can we improve this contest for next year?
Learn more about your duty post and what others in your duty post are doing:
Have a minute to help out? The Volunteer’s corner is full of small, easy tasks that anyone is welcome to help with. Jump in today and give us a hand!
And there’s plenty more! Be sure that you aren’t missing out on the fun; head over to the Starbase 118 forums today and join the conversation!

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