Community News

Congratulations Commander Marcus Dickens!

The UFOP: StarBase 118 Captains Council is delighted to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Marcus Dickens to the rank of Commander. Currently, Commander Dickens serves as the First Officer aboard the USS Avadar, under Captain Della Vetri.

Commander Dickens has been a member of the fleet for years, first serving on the USS Atlantis. Over the years he has served on countless vessels, such as the USS Columbia, StarBase 118 Ops, USS Independence-A, USS Tiger, USS Challenger-A, USS Aurora, and the USS Avandar. He is an active member in the Training and Podcast Teams working to increase our exposure and integrate new members into our community.

Be sure to stop by and offer your congratulations to Commander Dickens, as we wish him luck as he continues his career with UFOP: StarBase 118, and the USS Avandar.