Capts. Nicholotti and Herrera promoted

Capts. Nicholotti and Herrera promoted

The Executive Council is happy to report that two Captains are receiving promotions, effective today, to the rank of Fleet Captain: Kali Nicholotti of StarBase 118 Ops, and Diego Herrera of the USS Vigilant.
200px-Kali2012bCaptain Nicholotti joined us in 2009, and since then has distinguished herself repeatedly through both her hard work and her expressive and detailed writing. She was the first recipient of the Rising Star award, the 2012 Top Sims Contest winner, and holds two wins, and two titles as runner-up in the Writing Challenge Contest. In addition, she has also been a Featured Contest Bio winner.
Since joining the USS Resolution upon graduating from the Academy, she has served on the Eagle, and the Victory before becoming the First Officer of, and then the captain of StarBase 118 Ops. There, she has been one of our most active Commanding Officers, simming on average nearly once a day.
Out Of Character, she has held the position of Captains Council Magistrate, been an integral part of our Publicity Team, advised on the most recent overhaul of the website, and until recently was the facilitator of our Twitter feed. She launched The (Image) Collective, and has led the team in not only revamping our entire line of Awards images, but also managing our Community News imagery, facilitating the creation of the ship flags and badges, led the social media shareable images project, and has helped the fleet create signature files for almost every ship. And most recently she began facilitating the Newsies Team.
She is highly trusted and respected among the membership and staff of the group, and we are eager to see what she does next on the way to the rank of Rear Admiral.
diego herreraCaptain Herrera joined in 2010 and, like Captain Nicholotti, was assigned to the USS Eagle. Since then he has served on the Challenger, at Duronis II Embassy, and as the captain of the USS Ronin, the USS Mercury, and his present ship, the USS Vigilant. He is highly prolific, simming an average of 55 sims a month!
As a new Captain, he received the James T. Kirk Cross, which is given to new Commanding Officers who show outstanding potential, which he has clearly lived up to. He also won the Featured Bio Contest, has multiple wins in the Writing Challenge Contest, and was even recognized with The Simming Prize by the Simming Encyclopedia.
Known as a gentleman and a peacemaker, he is a tireless Out Of Character participant in the group. Recently, he was the driving force behind our recent Simming Improvement Month, and has taken on facilitating the Publicity Team, while also maintaining a membership on other teams. He is always one to volunteer where help is needed.
After having taken a break from simming due to a real life job change, Capt. Herrera returned with renewed vigor, and earned himself the rank of Captain again as he was appointed to the Vigilant. We have no doubt that his determination to succeed and his love for simming will lead him to higher rank in the near future.
Please offer your congratulations to both new Fleet Captains on our forums!
Our group deviates from canon in that officers are not required to “take a desk job” upon receiving a flag rank.

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