2013 Blockbuster Preview! “Through Open Gates”

2013 Blockbuster Preview! “Through Open Gates”

The Iconian Gateways. Artefacts of a civilisation that has long since passed into legend. Each one a door to any number of locations, some impossibly far away, some deep in the heart of enemy territory. They represent the pinnacle in scientific advancement for a long lost people, a wonder of the known universe… and a terrible threat to the security of the Federation.
Over the last few months, more and more instances of Iconian Gateways have been reported to Starfleet Command, who have ordered each one of them so far to be destroyed. According to current intelligence, instances of new gates are being reported quicker than they can be closed. Just how far does this network spread? More to the point, who else knows that the gates exist?
As the Starbase 118 fleet begins to mobilise, they gear themselves up to battle incredible odds and address the destablising effect that the gates are already having on Federation space. A species exploited through their inability to understand Iconian technology. The rapid spread of a virulent alien plague, compounded each time a new harbinger of pestilence arrives. An operation to recover an unwitting officer from behind enemy lines. An allied world in the grip of an infestation of terrifying parasites. The resolve and skills of officers throughout to the fleet will surely be put to the test: will worlds be saved and gateways closed, or has the ancient Iconian network already connected too many worlds, crushing the galaxy in its ever closing grasp?
This summer, many of the ships in the fleet will be a part of our annual blockbuster: “Through Open Gates”. This is your chance to be forever remembered as a part of our universe’s canon and for the name to be forever engraved into the history books. One thing is for certain – with gates springing up all over the galaxy, each leading to any number of hostile or previously undiscovered worlds, you had better be prepared!

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