Writers Block? Knock Down the Barriers

Writers Block? Knock Down the Barriers

Everyone faces writers’ block from time to time. Even the very best writers out there suffer from the inability to string coherent thoughts together to form some kind of a story from time to time. And when it happens to you, you may not have seen it coming, so dealing with it can sometimes be difficult to do. As such, it is always important to have coping skills to deal with writer’s block just like you might handle any other obstacle that might come up along the way in your day to day life. Don’t have any particular coping skills? Have no fear, for the Literacy Education Online website has a great list of things that you can do to avoid writers’ block.
From suggestions that help you find your way to others that help you ‘get in the mood’ to write, LEO offers both writers and non writers the tools that they need to really get things flowing. That means that you can quickly and easily get back on track and back into the game, which can be very important in a simulation such as Starbase 118. No one likes to wait days for a response to a sim they wrote, but no one likes to move on without a member of their crew either. As such, it is important to know just how to quickly overcome writers’ block so that you can, in a sense, get the show on the road!

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