USS Vigilant Launches Under Captain Herrera

USS Vigilant Launches Under Captain Herrera

You’ve already seen the name join other prestigious names of the ships that make up the Starbase 118 Fleet, but what do you really know about the newest ship on the block – the USS Vigilant? We’re here to shed some light on the latest addition, and ninth playable ship in the Fleet. Read on to learn what makes the Vigilant special and what those aboard will be looking forward to in the coming months.
The USS Vigilant is an upgraded Intrepid-Class ship designed with the harrowing missions they may face in mind. Because of an upgraded weapons package, including five pulse-fire quantum torpedo tubes, Captain Diego Herrera and his crew will be taking on a ship fully capable of really exploring the untouched and unexplored Zeta Gelis region of space.
Close to the Klingons, the Romulans, and the frontier, the Vigilant will serve to reinforce the Starfleet presence that stands like a beacon in a very dark and tumultuous region. With known, but closed off and mysterious races close by, as well as the touchy nature of Romulan/Klingon relations as they are currently, the ship and her crew may be in for all kinds of trouble.
The crew, which hails from various other ships in the Fleet, will come together this weekend to celebrate the official IC launch of the ship. With an already active forum, well formatted wiki page, and seasoned command staff, the launch, both IC and OOC will be not only spectacular to watch, but smooth at the same time. To that end, we wish Captain Herrera and his crew the best as they begin this new journey!
To learn more about the Vigilant, check out its wiki page or visit the forums and say hello!

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