The Setting of Simming: Invoking Imaginations

The Setting of Simming: Invoking Imaginations

One of the most important aspects of any sim is the setting that you create for the events you are simming about. While some people might argue that the action is much more important, it is vital that the action take place in a location that makes sense. At the same time, the scene is also one thing that often gets overlooked when a writer is guiding their character through any event – whether it is something calming or something action packed.
For this reason, because it is so often left too vague, or out entirely, this week’s Writer’s Workshop focuses on setting the scene in your sims. Using strong characterization to let your audience know where your character is and what’s going on around them, as well as their own actions and reactions that are not expressed verbally, is important if you want to invoke the imagination of your readers. Regardless of what rank you hold, painting a picture for those who read your sims can make yours stand out and offer others inspiration for sims of their own.
Unsure of how to go about this process? We’ve found one site that helps walk you through some of the intricacies of scene setting. Take a look at this article on how to Create A Vivid Setting and put some of these tips to work in your next sim.

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