The (Image) Collective Unveils New Graphics Tutorials

The (Image) Collective got off to a great start last year and was involved in many fun and important projects for Starbase 118. Some highlights include revamping the awards ribbons, the writing challenge winner’s banner, and the Cadet Pre-training area. The team have also provided countless banners and avatars for members. You can view more details on what we’ve accomplished on our Past Projects Page.

We’re looking forward to another fun and productive year and the best bit is you don’t have to be a graphics wizard to join! Everyone is welcome to join the team regardless of skill level. Some people just want to be able to express their opinion on how the designs look, others want to learn and improve their skills.

With that in mind the team is proud to announce that a new area on the wiki has just been opened up with member made graphics tutorials. The area is open to anyone whether they are a member of the team or not and it is hoped they will be useful to anyone looking to brush up on their graphics skills.

This is a section that will grow over time so keep an eye out for new tutorials popping up. Better yet if there is something specific you’d like covered visit The (Image) Collective forums and put forward the suggestion and it can be considered.

Making authentic looking graphics can be time consuming and an exercise in frustration. The first tutorial is about creating Bajoran avatars. There are 9 slides with images provided to help illustrate the steps involved. It covers the fine art of nose-ridge placement and blending to create a convincing Bajoran nose. There is also information about how to put the earrings on and some food for thought regarding clothing styles.

Best of all, once you’ve made your fabulous new graphic you can post it in the designated area for Showing Off and we can all cheer for your brilliance.

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