The Gremlin – Inarr “Steve” Rogg d’Squamos

The Gremlin – Inarr “Steve” Rogg d’Squamos

Character Name: Inarr “Steve” Rogg d’Squamos
Ship and Current Post: USS Discovery, Assistant Chief Engineer
Real Name: Cliff Richards III
Part of the World you’re from: Florida, USA
-First, give a little background about your character. About a paragraph about who they are so the readers have a little background. (I’ll use some of this in the opening of the interview)
Inarr Rogg is a Dachlyd, a reptiloid somewhat resembling an upright Terran iguana. The offspring of  Glykon Rogg and Inga Ramya, Inarr was hatched and raised aboard a merchant freighter. Inarr was accepted to the StarFleet Academy and began further studies in xenobiology. However, culture clash and adapting to Starfleet life caused the young Dachlyd to drop xenobiology in favor of engineering – a much easier course of study for Inarr to pursue while assimilating. Inarr is proud to be the Academy’s first Dachlyd graduate and hopes, by example, to lead other Dachlyds into Starfleet.
-How long have you been Simming with UFOP: SB118?
Since 2009.
-Do you remember how you found our group?
One of my friends introduced me. He was rejoining SB118 after a long absence and convinced me to try my hand at simming.
-What made you want to have your character be an Engineer?
The scant information available on the Dachlyd race indicated that their merchant freighters relied heavily on technology for transactions. For a race to be asocial, yet successful traders? I figured that Dachlyds in space had to be exceptionally skilled with their cargo drones, communications gear, and of course, experts in maintenance of same. So Rogg can work well crammed into a Jeffries tube, though the idea of socializing with fellow officers is daunting.
-What’s the most fun aspect about being an Engineer?
Hands down, omnipresence. Aboard a spaceship, an Engineer has the right to be anywhere, even outside the vessel, provided they are clever enough to think of something that needs fixing.
-What’s the most difficult part?
I am not a hardcore Trekkie, so I end up reading Memory Alpha a lot so my character does not come off as a moron. Although I guess even more difficult than that is putting up with simmers who rely on explosions to advance their plot – always something exploding or malfunctioning explosively without hinting at a reason. Being an Engineer can be so much more than putting out fires.
-Do you have a most memorable moment about your time as an Engineer?
I was late for reporting to duty on SB-118. I had to circumvent computer encryption, evade Black Tower security, scramble through a mile of Jeffries tubes, and bend a couple regulations just to locate my CO. And right before I managed to report to her, the security detail outside her office shoots me to protect the Klingon ambassador. Good times.
-Your character is a Dachlyd. How did you decide that’s the species you wanted your character to be?
I initially wanted to be a Gorn officer, but at the time SB-118 already had several Gorn. So that was not quite as groundbreaking as I was hoping for. I also wanted a lot of latitude in developing my character, which suggested using a species uncommon in Starfleet. By reading down the Intelligent Lifeform Index I found the Dachlyd. By further searching the internet I decided that there was just enough information about the Dachlyd to make them an interesting species to develop further, and Inarr Rogg would be my mouthpiece.
-Has that decision enhanced your writing?
Not so much as I would like. I was hoping for more interaction with Medical officers, being mistaken for a Gorn, curiosity from crewmates, maybe even outright racism. Turns out the Fleet is a pretty accepting, easy-going bunch. More recently I have gotten a bit more aggressive in pushing my “Dachlyd agenda” if you will. Bottom line – if there is something different about your character, you might have to force the other simmers to recognize it rather expecting circumstances or other writers to bring your uniqueness to light.
-What piece of advice would you give to any fresh faces just getting started with our group?
Always ask questions, do not be afraid to push the plot, and never be too proud to apologize for your mistakes. The internet is impersonal and your crew might be on different continents, but with a little understanding and cooperation everyone and anyone can write a good story.
*And now, the 5 questions I will ask all of my interviewees*
-Favorite Star Trek TV Show?
The Original Series.
-Favorite Star Trek Movie?
IV: The Voyage Home. I admit it is weak cinematically, but I remember seeing it with my dad.
-Kirk or Picard?
Kirk. Picard was the better officer, but Kirk is the man I would want to hang out with and who I would trust to lead the away team or face certain death. Lead from the front.
-What is your Favorite Trek Technobabble?
Plasma. In The Next Generation plasma comes up pretty often, where in real life it is usually, simply “fire”. In TNG plasma is an ethereal, almost magical substance.
-If you could visit any world from the Star Trek universe, which would it be and why?
The planet from “Shore Leave”, for the obvious reason.
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