The Borg Defera Ground Invasion, Part One

The newest event in Star Trek Online involves the Borg ground assault in the Defera system. The situation is desperate: You and your fellow Starfleet officers have been called to defend the planet from the Federation’s most fearsome enemy.

The defense “event” runs for four hours, and begins with your transport down to Defera Prime. There are two possible theaters of engagement, the wide zone and the set zone. The wide zone is really a large, involved battle to defend the main city. You, of course, will get points and rewards for the successful defense, and if you are at level cap, the rewards are particles that can be used to craft new weapons. For those that are still building you get the points and the crafting particles. 

The zone engagements have missions in set areas around the city, but since the event is four hours long, you can complete all of the objectives. There is often a small lag issue due to the amount of players in the beam down zone, but once you have passed that and started your mission, things will pick up.

What makes the Defera mission so unique is that you are on your own. You have no away team with you. That makes it even more of a challenge.

I am still gathering more details on this event due to the fact that there is more to it than what I have written here.  Look for the conclusion in part two!

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  1. This is fun stuff. (When the computer is ready the user will appear.) I am hoping to see the outcome of this ground invasion and maybe multiple parts beyond part two. This was the last sto mission I was on before my computer needed repairing. I made it to the inner city in the wide zone. There were recharge stations being created and used for the borg.