Surrogates: A Reality?

Surrogates: A Reality?

I know you’ve heard the word many times throughout your reading and writing career, but what would you say if I told you it was closer to reality than you might think? The truth of the matter, is that Russian neurologists, robotics experts  and cybernetic geniuses are teaming up to bring immortality to a life near you.
It has come to pass that in this day and age of always trying to prolong the inevitable, scientists have made some headway. Thirty one year old Russian scientist Dmitry Itskov has developed what he calls the “45 year initiative” which outlines plans to allow persons to artificially transpose their personality and memories into an artificially created organic brain, and ultimately into a cybernetic humanoid body. This android technology is slated to become a reality in as little as thirty three years.
You’ve seen things like this in the movies: Surrogates, Avatar, or the Alien franchise just to name a few. The project spans over the next three decades and is scheduled to hit certain key points within the program, which consist of four phases. Phase one includes a remotely controlled human replica of the person controlling it. Phase two will feature a human brain being implanted into the android body after one’s death. Phase three includes an artificial brain AND personality that is transposed when one passes. Phase four is even loftier yet, featuring the artificial personality placed into not a physical body, but a hologram.
The biggest question from this reporter, is whether or not you would know that you’re, well, you. Artificial intelligence would suggest exactly that. In my mind, you would be “alive”, but with a plethora of information (memories) that you don’t understand. What’s your take on immortality? Click here to read the full article, and decide for yourself.

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