September Plot Summary: USS Drake

September Plot Summary: USS Drake

The outbreak of hostilities between the Klingons and the remnants of the Romulan Empire has added urgency to the crew’s mission to reactivate an ancient Ishakarian sensor array. Once activated the sensor array will give the Federation valuable intelligence on fleet movements in the area.  Little is known of their destination beyond the name “Gate Way Station,” a non-aligned space station last visited by Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise over 150 years ago.  The station is surrounded by a dangerous sub space “moat” that only allows for one narrow entrance.  Sending two away teams to the station to locate and activate the beacon the USS Drake NCC 1987 begins communication with the inhabitants of the station when they are attacked by a Klingon battle cruiser.
Just as the situation is becoming desperate the USS Avandar arrives and in an impressive display of tactical fire power drives off the Klingon battle cruiser. Back on the station the beacon is activated causing a massive energy discharge into nearby space. This creates a maelstrom of sub space disruptions and releases a host of gravimetric mine left behind by the Klingons. The mines seem to be attracted to the beacon and are on a collision course with the station. Faced with the threat of the mines the crews of the Avandar and Drake along with the Mercenary outfit running the Station find themselves joining forces to protect the civilians as a task force of Klingon ships arrives!
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