September Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

September Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

While at Sigma Iotia II for shore leave as well as to assist Lt Nickels whose family has gotten itself in trouble with a band of ruthless smugglers, Captain Waltas was kidnapped, along with helms officer Lt JG Jorus Cogud and Ensign Amy Young, by the head of the smugglers, the nefarious Rambling Rose, aboard her vessel The Rover. Shore leave was immediately canceled and the crew recalled. The Discovery is currently in search of The Rover and is being aided by a Romulan warbird, the Q’kaleh, whose cloaking device was stolen by the smugglers and being used to elude her pursuers. While on The Rover, Captain Waltas and the two officers managed to escape their cells and are currently seeking a way to contact the Discovery undetected.
Meanwhile, Intel is still secretly searching for the tricorder inadvertently left behind by Dr Leonard McCoy in the 23rd century when the Enterprise encountered the pre-warp civilization of Sigma Iotia II. The tricorder contains sensitive information that could threaten the stability of the entire Federation.
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