Quantum Teleportation: One Step Closer to Trek

So the wave of the future of travel is a few steps closer with some ingenious discoveries that started in the late 90’s, but they may not be as Trek-like as one may have thought. Particle Entanglement reveals some new questions, and potential answers, for scientists to figure out that may hold the key to some of our greatest space travel mysteries

Since the 1997, when researchers and physicists were able to successfully “teleport’ a pair of entangled photons (or light particles), the push to do this on a much larger scale has been the driving force behind many of the research and testing that occurs today. The main application of focus today isn’t necessarily transporting physical objects or people, but rather information. Since entangled particles, or particles in general, can be measured, their data can be transmitted to its sister particles some 140 plus kilometers away (that’s the record so far). We can find many uses for this, including data collection from space in terms of getting back home at a much faster, almost instantaneous pace, as well as computer systems and nano-technology.

The entanglement theory of particle teleportation can shed so much light not just on the theoretical places we can go, but on the physical world itself. This theory can show us that information in almost any form has substance; has particles that travel the same as light or sound. For more information, and a far more helpful explanation of what the theory includes and where it’s headed, click this link!