Poll of the week: Win, lose or draw but mostly lose!

Poll of the week: Win, lose or draw but mostly lose!

Enterprise EA popular theme in Star Trek and just about every other fictional story ever since David and Goliath, is where the hero (or heroic crew) battle bravely against impossible odds and somehow walk away. Whether facing the Borg, Reman war birds or a Dominion invasion fleet, the various Star Fleet crews repeatedly do the impossible. Perhaps its just through a combination of better readiness, the most elite crew in the galaxy and the honor of serving on a state of the art vessels that each crew survives to tell the tale or maybe its just dumb luck. Suffice to say not every Star Fleet crew is as fortunate.
Realistically there comes a point when no matter how hard you fight, victory isn’t going to be yours and the cost of failing could be lethal. When it comes to this moment, what type of vessel you serve on often determines just how long you might last. You might be at the helm of a Nova class or the Captain’s chair of a mighty Sovereign but the mission is the same and risks equally unimaginable. So the question this week is this: If you had to choose what class of Federation ship to go on a suicide mission on, what would it be?
There is plenty of room for debate on this one as there are no easy answers. Larger ships are slow but pack more of a punch or do you prefer the smaller, faster vessel that is hard to hit? Remember visit the forums to post a comment or two because the discussion is where the fun really begins.

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