Poll of the Week: Resolution Mania

Poll of the Week: Resolution Mania

New Year's resolution postcardWell this is the last poll of 2012 and I am sure that you can all agree that it has been a good year. Besides New Year’s eve parties, another decision that most people make in the final few days of a year is whether or not to make a New Year’s resolution. And of course, more importantly, what that resolution will be if one is to be made.
Now, even if you can decide on a resolution, it can often be easier said then done when it comes to achieving that resolution. Whether it is agreeing to stop smoking or lose weight, or improve anything from skills to your job thousands if not millions of people will make such pledges. Unfortunately agreeing to change something in your lifestyle for the better for an entire year can be tricky but I have a feeling that the people in our community will have the will power to endure.
So this week’s poll asks, if it weren’t obvious by now, do you have a New Year’s resolution in mind? If you do lets go a step further and share what it will be. Perhaps you would even like to share stories of previous years and how those resolutions turned out (hopefully for the better).
Remember to leave a comment after you vote on the forums because it is the discussion that makes these polls fun. I look forward to seeing you all back for more polls in 2013. Happy New Year’s everyone.

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