Poll of the Week: Just turn it off 4

We’re back again with another edition of “Just turn it off.” It’s the second-to-last edition, if you’re feeling tempted to close the browser window! Now, if you’re still reading, that means you want to nitpick the worst Voyager episodes that were ever shown on TV. While opinion may not be as divided about Voyager as with DS9, for better or worse, there were still several doozies when it came to irritating episodes. Whether the episode in question had a flawed story line or just focused on a character or theme that you couldn’t stand, this week’s poll is about finding which episode was the worst of the worst. In other words, which episode was mostly likely to make you turn away?

I say this because it seems very few people have actually admitted to turning an episode off. Finally if an episode that you felt was an epic fail, compared to other wonderful stories that Voyager gave us, didn’t appear in the poll, leave a comment. You all know the drill, we all want to hear what you think. So to that affect remember to visit the forums to vote because it’s the conversation and debate that makes these polls fun.