Poll of the week: Just turn it off 1

Poll of the week: Just turn it off 1

Captain KirkThis week we start off a new series (although it is one of those age old questions so I cannot claim it to be original) in which we ask what was the worst episode you remember of each series starting off with the Original Series. It goes without saying that along with some truly great episodes your going to get a few awful episodes as well. While it may not have been the intention some episodes just stick out for all the wrong reasons.
Some of those reasons might be that the story line is flawed or unrealistic, that it focuses on a character that you just hate or even if the episode was poorly placed in the overriding arc of the season. The reasons are countless but the outcome, like the title suggest, leaves you wanting to just forget about watching it and skip ahead to the next episode (if you are watching it on DVD.) Finally if an episode that you felt was truly the worst didn’t appear in the poll, leave a comment. As they say, one man’s favorite is another man’s most hated, well you get the idea.
Finally let me thank Chloe for suggesting this great poll idea. Remember if you have a poll suggestion visit the suggestions thread.
Remember to stop by the forums to leave a comment or two and let the voting commence!

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