Poll of the Week: In the darkest moment

Poll of the Week: In the darkest moment

This week we continue with the theme of our character’s, this week we are asking if your character is religious at all? It can be said that in spite of all the wonders a Star Fleet officer can see during their career, they are also likely to see some truly horrific sights and even find themselves in the midst of unimaginable peril. In such dark circumstances does your character turn to some higher power for comfort .
A pioneer in early television and continuing such trends in its later series, Trek has certainly given a large amount of thought in creating a diverse range of religious backgrounds for our character to turn to. While in most cultures the idea of religion has dwindled its influence remains in the way each species thinks about an afterlife or even philosophies to live by. If your Character doesn’t believe what drives them in the darkest of times?
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Photo CR: Memory-Alpha.org

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