Poll of the Week: From humble beginnings

Poll of the Week: From humble beginnings

This week we take a break from Trek related debates and turn our attention to a topic a little closer to home. At home on the web that is. This week’s poll is based on internet forums. Forums like our every own SB118 first popped up as far back as 1994 and have only grown in popularity and number every since. Just like anything else on the web, the content of web forums, is only limited to the communities interest. Some other popular topics have centered around technology, video games, sports, music, fashion, religion, and politics, over the years.  These are of course only the tip of the iceberg but have helped people come together in this digital domain, to socialize, to obtain the latest knowledge or even just because the user has friends involved.
So the question posed this week, is how many internet forums do you actively participate in? Is SB118 the only forum for you or do you find yourself frequenting others. If you are actively involved with multiple forums does each serve a specific purpose for you (for technology advice for instance)?
I am sure we can all promise not to judge each other because as informative as the SB118 forums is not everything can be found here. Most importantly of all remember to visit the poll of the week forums to post a comment because thats where the fun begins.

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