Poll of the Week: Countdown

Poll of the Week: Countdown

The year has seemed to have flown by and now there is only a couple short weeks left until the year 2012 is no more ushering in 2013. And as those days and minutes draw ever closer so do the plans for New Years Eve celebrations around the world. No matter what each nation calls them, social gatherings of any sort are the order of the day and are to be remembered for days to come, or maybe better forgotten (in some wilder cases). Be it barbeques with neighbors and family or attending public festivals marked by fireworks, parties seem to be an essential part to this global tradition.
This week’s poll asks this question: are you planning on attending some sort of party in the evening of December 31 or would you rather have a quiet night in with the folks? While both options are perfectly respectable and we can’t all party hard every year, what do you see yourself doing for this year?
Feel free to also share stories of past years celebrations after you vote on the forums. Remember only share what you feel comfortable with. Have fun with the poll this week.

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