Poll of the Week: Bringing a Little Bit of Culture

Poll of the Week: Bringing a Little Bit of Culture

Kira at the Gratitude festivalWith Christmas looming, I thought that I would use that as inspiration and draw our attention to an “In Character” poll this week. Just with 21st century cultures all across the planet Earth, festivals and celebrations are often the hallmark of the alien worlds that we explore. Festivals and national celebrations are more then just an excuse to party hard and enjoy some time off, they are a very real reflection of the people’s culture and identity as a species.
So whether you are participating in reenactments of famous Klingon battles or burning Renewal scrolls at the Bajoran Gratitude Festival there is untold potential for both cultural and character building experiences. With that in mind, this week’s poll asks the following: Have you simmed your character’s at festivals before? Whether the festival or celebration was from your character’s own heritage tell us about your experiences in such events. Who knows it may spark ideas for you to follow up in the future.
Be sure to visit the forums to vote and that  it is your comments that really drive these polls some make sure you share your thoughts, because that’s where the fun really begins. Most importantly, have fun everyone.

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