Our Characters: Striving for Reality

Our Characters: Striving for Reality

Every great story’s success rests ultimately on the shoulders of the characters involved. Without interesting characters, the story can be boring, if not downright bad. Since all of Starbase 118 writing relies on the characters we each create and add to the mix, knowing how to create the most compelling and interesting characters possible can make all the difference in the world. We all want to bring our characters to life, but sometimes that is a very difficult prospect. Still, with the right direction, any character can take a step from the world of fiction to a realm in our minds that exists somewhere between ourselves and the fictional world we write in.
We all work hard at making our contributions to the plot worthwhile and positive additions to the plot. Yet sometimes, a weak plot or difficulties writing (let’s face it, we aren’t professional authors) can take a toll on an entire ship. Why? Well, if readers lose interest in your characters, they might just put the book (or in our case, sim) down. Since that can cause lots of problems in a group where we have to rely on others to read what we have simmed, keeping everyone coming back for more is a must.
Having a resource on hand to help you find just what your character needs can be helpful, even if you don’t think you need it. There is always room to improve, so make it a point to head on over to Daily Writing Tips to check out their article on Creating Compelling Characters. Even the most seasoned writers will walk away with something, giving every member the chance to get one step closer to that meta-reality our characters strive for.

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