Officer’s Guide: Tips From the Experts

Officer’s Guide: Tips From the Experts

This article has been making its way around the fleet as of late, but here it is to print. The people at Pixar have released some tips of the trade from a few of their best writers on how create some of the best stories around. Emma Coats will lead us through what she’s learned over the years from some of the brightest members of the Pixar writing force, with twenty-two basic story writing rules.
Making a thrilling story, or sim for that matter, can be a bear of a task. Tuning in to The Pixar Touch, a blog documenting the journey of Pixar writers as they conjure up some of the best ideas to give to the world, we can tap into some of the great success that their writer’s have received over the years. Taking the information right from it’s original book form, the article provides you with twenty-two “rules” that writers adhere to when going through the creative process. Take the time to explore the site a bit more and you’ll find other  links to articles that may be helpful in the long run, dealing with creativity and literature. Also there’s a link to the Blog Section for some further reading. Enjoy, and shake free of those limitations, officer!

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