March Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

March Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Ops

With limited power, the crew of Starbase 118 Operations struggles to bring things under control. Not knowing where the attack came from, the crew begins to work on the symptoms of the problem, including faulty sub-processors and unresponsive systems.
In the dark, literally, the crew doesn’t know about the big picture until Ambassador Vreeya, a Romulan ambassador with ties to a newly formed border alliance in the Neutral Zone, arrives with one of the ships hired to attack one of the colonies in the sector. She brings news of multiple targets, having infiltrated Reikara – a faction of Romulans seeking to reclaim all that was the Romulan Star Empire, and of their end goals. 
Intel is soon discovered that tells the tale of a virus – yet to be unleashed – and of a hidden enemy with a secret connection with the remaining Romulan Star Empire Ambassador on the station, Kerok. Blueprints of a new weapon are also uncovered as the Science team works to build a weapon of their own that will take out the solid projectiles sent forth by the weapon in the blueprint.
When the virus finally is unleashed, in the diplomatic sector early in the morning, the crew finds it heading right for the computer core wrecking havoc on every system along the way. In the dark once again, a Romulan diplomat is murdered, critical systems in Sickbay begin to fail, and the crew finds themselves faced with an even more convoluted situation than before.

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